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An adorable, quick-to-print, and motivational addition to your home or office! This meticulously designed figurine brings Fievel, the lovable character from the 2nd classic animated film, Fievel Goes West, to life in a compact and accessible format. Standing at just 63.5mm (2.5 inches) tall with the base, this miniature Fievel is the perfect size for your desk or display shelf.
One of the unique features of this 3D printable model is he’s leaning on a Sherriff’s Badge that could alternatively be used for cosplay.
When it comes to printing, the Fievel model is relatively straightforward. The supports are easy to manage, with the whiskers being the most challenging aspect. However, if you struggle with printing the delicate whiskers, you have the option to replace them with artificial whiskers from an old stuffed toy or sourced from your local hobby shop. With a raft and heavy support, printing the whiskers becomes more manageable. After printing, simply clip them off and glue them in place for a seamless finish.
This life-size Fievel model is designed to scale up smoothly if you prefer a larger version, maintaining its intricate details and charm. The final result is an endearing, motivational piece that’s sure to brighten up your space and bring a smile to your face.

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